Insurance Claims

 Got a faulty desktop  or laptop computer? Claiming on insurance? Well, leave it to us. We specialise in insurance claim for all brands of computers; Acer, Apple Mac, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Hewlett Packard and Toshiba.

What might my insurance company cover?

Computer insurance covers many kinds of unexpected, externally caused losses for which are accidental: fire, power surges, lightning, liquid spillage, accidentally dropped notebooks and damages caused by natural disasters like, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods.

altMachine will not turn on
Hard drive faults (spill on the machine)
altKeyboard that doesn’t work or types erroneous characters
altBroken/Cracked screens
Loose or cracked screen hinges
Cracked plastic to the casing
Damage to the computer as a result of spills to any part of the computer
Damage to the keyboard, screen or drives due to screws, springs or any foreign objects
The keyboard if a key is missing or has been popped or broken off
altPCMCIA slots that were damaged due to bent pins
Loose or damaged AC ports, microphone ports, PS/2 ports, PCMCIA doors



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