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Xbox 360 GPU ReballingBased in Kelston, Auckland, we specialize in games console repairs including, XBOX 360, Ps2, Ps3 and Wii, along with older consoles. All work is undertaken in our workshop by fully trained personnel with over 16 years experience in the electronics industry so we can repair almost any fault you may encounter with your console and get you gaming again in no time. Our prices are competitive, the standard of work is high and our job turnaround is fast.

Microsoft Xbox 360 video game consoles with all generations of motherboards suffer from the "Red Light Of Death" syndrome at some point of their lives. Majority of the consoles with RROD errors are caused by weakened soldering on the surface mounted "Ball Grid Array" Graphics Processing IC (GPU).We believe that the brittle nature of "Lead Free" solder used in the soldering process of Xbox 360 motherboards contribute to this common fault.

You will find numerous fixes, suggestions and procedures on the internet to remedy RLOD. Those methods either just don't work or if they do, will be a temporary solution. Very temporary!

The only reliable repair method for the Xbox360 motherboards with soldering issues on the GPU is to unsolder and remove the GPU, install LEAD solder balls on the GPU and resolder the reballed GPU on the motherboard.

Dry joint bga

Although this sounds simple and straightforward, this method not only require specialised BGA Rework facilities but also extensive expertise, skill and experience to complete the procedure successfully.

We at Profix have all workshop facilities, equipment and most importantly the required level of expertise and experience to complete the job reliably and successfully.

We can also repair and refurbish faulty Xbox 360 consoles which others have unsuccessfully tried to repair by trying "Reflow" and "X Clamp Replacement" methods.

Common faults with the Xbox 360 that we fix:

1 /   \ 2

3 \   / 4

Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 are flashing red
Sections 1, 3, and 4 are flashing red (3RLOD or 3RROD)
Sections 1, and 3 are flashing red
Section 4 is flashing red

When Section 4 is flashing red you will get a on screen error message. This will include:

E45, E64, E65, E66, E67, E68, E69, E71, E72, E73, E74, E76, E79, E80

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Please note that we are no longer doing repairs on Nintendo DS's

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